Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fabric Shopping Online

I get asked all the time how I can buy fabric without touching it. I've found that I like the feel of some designer's fabrics better than others, so basically trial and error. I love Moda, Michael Miller, Heather Ross and Amy Butler. You could just do a search on Etsy for any of these designers and I'm sure you'll find something you love. I've never bought fabric online that I felt was poor quality, it's just some feel softer and thicker than others.

I have also found that shopping online actually saves me a bit of money. I pay for shipping but I don't pay for gas or impulse buy. I agonize over each cut of fabric that I buy and often talk myself out of things I don't need. The plus to buying on Etsy is I can heart the fabric I like and go back later if I really want it. You will pay more per yard than you would at JoAnn's but the quality is often very different. Although I have found some gems at JoAnn's as well. You just have to be careful.

My favorite places to find unique and mostly affordable fabrics are:

Whipstitch Fabrics
Daffodil Hill
Fabric Supplies

Here's a link to a great post from Presser Foot about shopping for fabric online. I love how she talks about getting a group together to decrease shipping costs. I should definitely start doing that.

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