Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stroller Revamp

Calder's car stroller (as in, it stays in the trunk) was showing a little wear. It isn't bad but the cover was fading in just a few places. I bought the stroller on Craigslist and absolutely love it. It's small but still has the full reclining position. So, I decided to sew a new cover for it. I LOVE this fabric and was so excited to try it. It is fully removable and I didn't change the original, so I can revert back if needed.
This is the stroller without the sun shade. It is convenient that it is removable. I plan to use it like this at the airport and indoors.

Now here is the problem. The original fabric was blue, tan and white with red accents. I looked everywhere to find a cute fabric to match that wasn't girly. I gave up and chose what I really love. Well, now I have a brown, red and white stroller with a blue, tan and red sun shade. Does it look tacky? I am afraid to try a cover for the sun shade. But, if everyone thinks it needs to match, I will give it a shot. Also, if you hate the new cover and think I should just use the original stroller as is, please say so.


Danielle said...

I love the new seat cover you made! The fabric is great. And I don't think the sunshade looks tacky at all. I mean, it doesn't match perfectly but I assure you that no one will think twice about it.

I'm really impressed that you made that seat cover. Looks tricky. Good job!

Brandon, Whitney & Rachel said...

Awesome seat cover. You are such an impressive, crafty person - so inspiring! I agree that it is not a big enough difference to change anything. Plus, when he's in the stroller, he'll be covering up half the fabric anyway. You should leave it as is - it's just perfect! Love the blog, btw.

Kathy said...

I think your seat cover is great!! You are so creative! How do you find the time? The Lucy dress is adorable. Any little girl would be proud to wear that.
You are very talented. Nice work.

Melanie W. said...

wow, I would never have thought to make a stroller cover! you could market those! :) I love the fabric, and I also don't think it looks tacky with the shade cover. The colors are so similar that i doubt anyone would even notice, esp. when Calder is sitting in it. Great craft blog!

Odell Family said...

I love LOVE the stroller seat and I the sun shade looks great.
I've never seen this craft blog you have and love the things you have made. Are you selling any of them on-line still? I'd love to get some things for baby showers and would love to buy one of your mei-tai's for myself. Let me know
p.s. I miss you!!

Jeannie said...

I LOVE the fabric you used. I need to check your Etsy site (do you still sell things??) because I adore your choices of colors and patterns.

It looks great even if the shade doesn't match exactly. Doesn't matter. You see that all the time and I always just focus on whatever is the cutest looking item visible.

Nice work, yet again! You're so talented!!!


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