Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scrap Quilt

About a month ago I told my husband that I wasn't going to buy any more fabric until I used all the fabric in my stash. I didn't think he would make me stick to it! After going through my stash I realized that most of my fabrics weren't big enough to make anything out of, so I made a twin size scrap quilt and I LOVE it.

It was rather simple to make. I cut all of my scraps into three inch wide strips. I left them however long they were. Then, I sewed the strips together making one very very long chain. Then I decided how long I wanted it to be and cut down the strips. And sewed those together. The white strips are three strips sewn together.

After getting the top and back done I machine quilted it using a chevron stripe pattern.
On the back I used my larger scraps. I don't love the back as much as the front but it is still pretty cute.


Danielle said...

Hey! You have the SAME fabric I made my couch pillows out of! You probably know who designed the fabric... I just know where I got it. :)

What a small world though huh. Here I am at this huge fabric store and I pick one fabric that happens to be the same kind you already have.

What else did you make with it?

Melanie W. said...

so so so cute! I love the scrap quilt. And it seems so easy. I'd love to make one, I just need to accumulate more scraps first!

As for that fabric you have that Danielle also's very cute! It must be popular because it seems I've seen that print lots of places lately.


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