Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Pillows

My friend Cassie and I whipped up these adorable owl pillows. The crazy thing is they are made completely out of stuff we already had leftover from other projects. I love it when that happens. We made the pattern ourselves and I love the way they turned out. I'll have to take a picture of hers. It is really cute. I'm not really sure where it will end up in the house. It may move up to Calder's room. We'll see.

And, I decided to make new covers for my couch throw pillows. I was totally inspired by Danielle. Hers are beautiful. I've made one so far and now I'm debating about what to do with the other. I don't know that they need to be the exactly same but I kinda like the look of two of the same. I don't know. We'll see. When I decide what to do with the other one, I'll blog about it, I'm sure.

This one is made of butter colored fine whale corduroy. Wait, does that sound familiar? It does happen to be the same fabric I used for Calder's pants. I loved it so much I went back and bought more.

I box pleated a 3 inch strip of fabric. Each pleat is 1 inch wide. It was very easy since I ironed as I went. Then I basted the strip. I cut the pillow fabric exactly where I wanted the pleated strip to go, sewed it together and done. EASY.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Way to show me up... Just kidding. I love your pillows. You're awesome.


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