Sunday, February 14, 2010

Striped Shorts

You may be getting tired of all these little boy clothes but I am on a roll! I can whip up a pair of these shorts blindfolded at this point. I also love that they don't look 'home sewn'. I feel like I am finally capable of creating commercial looking clothes for Calder. Hopefully I can start making more for me with such success.

These are once again the same pattern as the last few pairs of pants / shorts. I love it. You know it. To set these apart a little bit I used a drawstring waist. I still used elastic but sewed twill tape to the ends of the elastic. That way it has a lot of stretch but the elastic doesn't show. I also added a little tab of ribbon to the right front pocket. Just because.

Pattern: Simplicity 2907
Size 2

If you're loving little boy sewing as much as I am right now you should check out Made By Rae and Made. They are hosting Celebrate The Boy month for February. I am so inspired and have a list a mile long of projects I want to do.

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