Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Great is Amy Butler

Back when I was making the Weekender Bag by Amy Butler I got a little frustrated. There was 1-2 little parts that didn't make sense. One was the hard plastic sheeting you needed for the false bottom. The directions said you need one sheet but you need to cut two pieces out of it. Unfortunately the dimensions of the plastic sheet and the pieces you needed to cut didn't match up. There just wasn't enough plastic sheeting. The second issue was it was impossible to cut all the pieces I needed out of the interfacing. I ended up piecing it and I think it turned out great, but I wasn't sure if that was what I was supposed to do.

In the midst of this I emailed Amy Butler Designs to let them know that I was frustrated and confused. I know this pattern has been around for a long time and I didn't understand why they hadn't caught those issues and changed them.

Their response was mind blowing. I'm not kidding. They were amazing. I got a response quickly letting me know that they were really sorry. They hadn't heard these complaints before and they like to update their patterns as soon as a mistake is found. They would look into it and let me know. They offered me two other patterns (of my choosing) just because they wanted me to be happy and they appreciated that I contacted them.

How amazing is that. I just got an email yesterday saying that you only need to cut one of the pieces out of the plastic, not two and they were still looking into the interfacing. I am flabbergasted that such a big company is concerned with me, one little sewer. Not only did they say they would look into it, but they did! And they followed up, so I know what to do and what they are doing to fix it. And get this.. my patterns arrived today. I swear it took 24 hours from the time I told them which patterns I would like to the time they arrived at my door. Talk about service.

So, I have a deeper love for Amy Butler. Not only does she make cute fabric, great and easy to understand patterns but she actually cares about her customers. So, if given the choice, choose Amy Butler. I sure will.

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