Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dress design for Shabby Apple dresses

This is my dress design for Shabby Apple dresses /Dare to Design/ competition. I first heard about the competition last year, but I didn't feel comfortable enough with my sewing skills to enter the competition. I know I could have entered with a sketch, but I wanted a beautiful showcase piece I could wear, not one I could only look at.

A year later, I have honed my sewing skills and tried several patterns and dresses to see what works best on my body. I finally have a dress I am THRILLED to share.
Inspiration: I adore the French film Amelie. The whimsical, do-good feel of the movie brings a smile to my face each time I watch it. Amelie (Audrey Tautou) is a young woman who finds great pleasure in simple things, such as skipping stones and running her hands through sacked grains, and in bringing happiness to others. I think that this dress conveys the sense of whimsy from the film and that the dress, like Amelie herself, is infectiously happy.

Description: The dress is made of a thin red and white striped cotton shirting top with a navy center stripe and a navy skirt. It has a round neck, petite cap sleeves, a side zipper, and three bold buttons down the front. The bright red 1/2-inch edging around the neck and waist give definition to the most flattering parts of the body. The bodice is tailored in the front and back to give the perfect shape. The high waist pencil skirt is the perfect length for lady-like activities like chasing kids, going out to lunch with friends, and sitting down at an afternoon garden party.
Color Options: I love the nautical / French feel of this color palette. It is fresh, comfortable, and always looks crisp. This dress would look fantastic in a variety of other colors palettes as well. A charcoal gray skirt and canary yellow top with white edging, for example. Or perhaps a robin egg blue skirt and white top with tan edging, similar to the colors in the Greg Hatton room pictured below.

I am so excited to have this dress in my closet. I wore it to church today and received several compliments. Not one person asked if I made it myself. That is a huge success for me.


Danielle said...

What a fantastic dress! That's awesome that you designed it yourself! Man, you sew circles around me. Can you be my personal seamstress? Good luck with the competition!

Brenda said...

Wow, Cami! You could make it on to Project Runway soon! It is a great dress. Good luck!

Madelyn said...

WOW! You are a little ridiculous in your extreme number of talents. =) That is one HOT mama!

LuAnn said...

It looks great. I think it is perfect!

Lorraine said...

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Cami, you are so talented. And you look simply dazzling in all of these photos.

Lorraine said...

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Cami, you are so talented. And you look simply dazzling in all of these photos.

Anonymous said...

I realy love your dress, it is fresh, cute and innocent with a touch of wickedness, as I waited to see the little jacket opens up... Lovely!

Katie @ Cowboy Phraseology said...

I dont know why but i haven't been able to access your blog and finally have found you!!
I LOVE this dress. I love that you said it'd look good in a yellow/gray color scheme too, as that's the version I would pick. ANy chance I could pay you to make one for me!? :)
PS. thanks for introfucing me to shabby apple. I really like a lot of their dresses, only probably will never buy one beacause they're out of my price range..however, maybe I"ll find me a seamstress that could make them? What does a service like that cost? YOu can email me back at

Love your blog., so glad I found you again!


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