Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Banner

 A few of my friends got together to make these awesome birthday banners this past week. They are incredibly easy but tons of fun!

Here's how you do it. Open you text edit program (MS Word, or OpenOffice) and type the letters you'll need: HAPYBIRTD. Change the font size to 400, the paper to landscape and the font type to Ariel bold. Print it off and cut them out.
Then you just pin the paper letters to felt (any kind will work) and cut two for each letter. I used a blanket stitch to attach my felt letters together. Check out this video on how to do a blanket stitch. You'll go most of the way around the letter, leaving about and inch and a half open to stuff.

Next you stuff your letters with fiberfill. Some letters require that you stuff as you go because it is hard to get back to a certain spot to stuff. 

Finally you attach your letters to string, yarn or twine. I used a neutral colored yarn. Make sure you tie little knots on either end of your letters, once they are in the position you want, so they don't slip around and end up stuck in the middle.

I wanted to do a gender neutral, primary colored banner that hopefully could be used for any birthday no matter the theme. You could definitely do a monochromatic banner or one with fewer colors if you want.

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Lorraine said...

Cami, of course I find a link to your amazing banner on my friend Anne's blog! You! I so wish I lived in your neighborhood again and had craft nights with you. And now I am glad to have access to your craft BLOG, hello?!! XO


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