Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mad Men Sew-Along with Presser Foot

One of my favorite sewing blogs, Presser Foot is hosting a sew-along with a Mad Men theme. There are about 25 people participating and I"m excited to see what they come up with!

The pattern is New Look 6968 which I just bought at JoAnn's today for $3.99. Not bad really. I've never made a New Look pattern but I'm so excited to have my first attempt as a sew-along. Here are some examples of the dresses made with this pattern.

I love this dress on the left that Peggy is wearing. I wanted to emulate the design but I want it to be a little fancier, so I didn't want to do the black gingham. I do love it though and I may consider doing another  more casual dress later. 
In order to get this look I'll need to lengthen the sleeves, change the collar from a fold-over to a more prominent collar. I don't even know what to call that kind of collar, but I'll figure out how to make it. Oh and I'm going to add the button detail down the side of the skirt. I'm really excited about it! I'll post my steps along the way!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shabby Apple Design Final Results

Shabby Apple announced their winner for the Design a Dress contest yesterday. Although I didn't win, I'm excited about the dress that did win.
Sarah is incredibly talented, you can read her blog here. She used her mom's old skirt to make this dress. Isn't that amazing?!? Congratulations to you Sarah, I can't wait to see it on Shabby Apple's website!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cashmere Improved

 This was such a fun sweater revamp! I found this fantastic Lord & Taylor cashmere sweater at the thrift store for $2.00. It had a few flaws, it was a horrible ivory color, it had a small hole in the back and it was a size too big. But it was $2.00 and I wanted to start doing more refashioning. What do you think?
 I started by dying it green and washing it in the washer on the gentle cycle. I know you shouldn't wash cashmere but I didn't want the dye to rub off when I wore it. Everything came out perfect. Don't worry, I air dried it. Then I sewed felt leaves over the hole and elbow pads on the elbows.
 The final step was to resize it. I put it on inside out, pinned where I want to sew and sewed it up. Super easy. After cutting off the excess I noticed it would make a cute peter pan collar. So, I sewed it on and we're done! I have a new favorite sweater for sure.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Rug

 You know the rugs that look like this? You know, the ones for $4.00 at Target or Walmart. Yep, they're cheap and great but I was really getting tired of this one. So I changed it into
 this!  Basically I just cut some great Ikea fabric two inches larger than the old rug. I sewed down every other white line to keep the two together. Then I folded over the edge and sewed around the edge. Done and done.

T-shirt to Cardigan

 This is the easiest thing I have ever sewn. I think ANYONE could do this. I had this brown long sleeved, v neck t-shirt that was a bit too tight. I liked the way the sleeves belled out and thought it would be a cute cardigan. 

First, I cut a strait line down the center of the v to the hem. I used yellow bias tape (because that's what I had) to sandwich the cut edges. I folded it over and sewed up each side. Then I simply added lace all the way around the neck. Easy and done! The broach is removable so I can change it out whenever I want. I LOVE it and am itching to do another one!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

 This year my son wanted to be a garbage man for Halloween. The problem with being a garbage man is that without a truck nobody knows what you are. So I made a truck to go along with his gloves, hat and vest. He LOVES it. Well, he did once he realized dressing up for Halloween doesn't mean you actually get TO BE whatever it is you dress up as. He was just sure I was going to arrange a trip on the garbage truck for him. Someday maybe I'll be that cool.
 The garbage truck is made from felt, making it easier to to whip together without worrying about finishing edges. It is basically a large rectangular cube with a hole in the top and bottom for him to wear it. There are suspenders attached to the truck to allow him to wear it comfortably.

To give the truck shape I filled the back and bottom front with crumpled newspaper. I also made casings to hold two wooden dowels along the top to give better shape.

 I also made a hole in the top of the truck cab to hold his candy. It was so nice not to have to hold his candy sack. I am so happy with how it turned out. Oh and it folds up very nicely for storage, just in case he decides to be a garbage man next year.
 We weren't the only ones who liked his costume. He won an award for "Most Creative Costume" at the ward party.


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