Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

 This year my son wanted to be a garbage man for Halloween. The problem with being a garbage man is that without a truck nobody knows what you are. So I made a truck to go along with his gloves, hat and vest. He LOVES it. Well, he did once he realized dressing up for Halloween doesn't mean you actually get TO BE whatever it is you dress up as. He was just sure I was going to arrange a trip on the garbage truck for him. Someday maybe I'll be that cool.
 The garbage truck is made from felt, making it easier to to whip together without worrying about finishing edges. It is basically a large rectangular cube with a hole in the top and bottom for him to wear it. There are suspenders attached to the truck to allow him to wear it comfortably.

To give the truck shape I filled the back and bottom front with crumpled newspaper. I also made casings to hold two wooden dowels along the top to give better shape.

 I also made a hole in the top of the truck cab to hold his candy. It was so nice not to have to hold his candy sack. I am so happy with how it turned out. Oh and it folds up very nicely for storage, just in case he decides to be a garbage man next year.
 We weren't the only ones who liked his costume. He won an award for "Most Creative Costume" at the ward party.

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