Sunday, December 26, 2010

Todd & Veronica

 My little boy has been really into imagination play lately. He has been pretending to be other people such as Santa Claus and people from his nursery class. I thought it would be fun for him to have a few little dolls to channel his imagination.
 I loosely used Emily Martin's Black Apple doll pattern that I found on Martha Stewart. The pattern says to increase it by 150% but I liked the idea of a smaller doll so I used the pattern as is. It made it a little hard to turn the legs but otherwise was great. Now they are about a foot tall. Perfect for little two year old hands to move around. He is getting them for Christmas, so I don't know if he likes them but I sure hope so.
My husband named them Todd and Veronica. I think the guy really does look like a Todd and I think Veronica is adorable.


Lorraine said...

Oh for Pete's sake! Fantastic!

Louisa said...

What sweet dolls!


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