Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nothing New Week 3 & A Peek

 Here's a sneak peek of something really cute coming later in the week! 

It has been a good week. I found myself at the thrift store twice. Twice! I'm glad I went the second time. I found some cute stuff that I'll show you soon. I'm bummed about this chair I didn't buy. It had gorgeous legs and a green leather seat and back. It was the perfect library chair except it needed recovered and I honestly don't have a place for another chair. Over the weekend I've decided I could fit one more chair in my living room so I'll go back next week and hopefully find it. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath. 

Not shopping wasn't an issue this week. I think I'm over my need to go to Target. That feels nice. I mean, I love target but I'm glad I don't NEED it. 

On Friday night we got invited to go out to dinner with friends, so that was nice and since it was with friends it was okay for the Nothing New challenge.

I am going to enjoy this last week before the Spending Fast of 2011. February will be a great month!

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