Monday, January 31, 2011

Nothing New Week 4 & Latest Etsy Love

I feel like I'm in my groove with not buying anything new. It's going really well. Although this week I ran into a gray area question. I wanted some gray nail polish. Ultimately I decided not to get it since it was an impulse buy and I don't really think it goes into the household necessities category with things like laundry detergent and deodorant. Oh and the 4 of us local girls who are doing the Nothing New 2011 challenge have started a blog. Hop on over and meet them.

I feel like I'm at a good place to start my annual Spending Fast in February. What's that you ask? Well here's how it works.

You Can Buy: 
$50 per week in food, no eating out
Gas / public transit
Rent & utilities

You Can't Buy:
Anything else

It's very simple. And it is amazing how many things you can do without when you have to. I also find this is the best way to multi-purpose items. If I think I need something I'll look around the house and see what would be a good substitute. If the Nothing New challenge seems like too much, try this out. February is short.

Oh and I have been asked how I do Valentines day if I can't buy anything or eat out. We aren't big into Valentines day. We don't do gifts and we generally go out to dinner but not on Valentines days since it is a really busy time. We will probably postpone it until the beginning of March.

I  keep a running list of the things I want to buy at the end of the month. It is amazing how many things you cross off your list once you realize you just don't need or want them three weeks later.

As a treat for making it this far in the post I will show you some of my favorite finds on Etsy lately. 
This adorable dress pattern from Mani Mina. Really you should check out all of her shop since she has patterns for other cute dresses and hats too.

I love these awesome management signs from John W. Golden.
Wouldn't it be cute to have them put a heart in all the places you've lived and loved. My country would be full of hearts. From Sudlow Jewelry.

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