Monday, January 3, 2011

Sewing Inspiration

As I've been out and about shopping this Christmas season I have spotted a few things I would really like to use as inspiration for my future sewing projects. Well, really I wanted to buy them but that isn't going to happen. I want to remember them and hopefully get to them all. We'll see! Here's a sneak peak at my 2011 projects.

For me:
A bright colored corduroy skirt. I couldn't find any yellow corduroy today at the fabric store so I might have to start looking online. I love this yellow but maybe a pink or purple could work too?  Oh and I love the black tights, blue sweater and brown boots. Perfection. From Boden.

 These knee length shorts. Using my new favorite pattern of course.

Photo from Anthropologie

This shirt is also from Anthropologie. I probably won't be able to find such a cool print, but it's more the detailing that I'm interested in. 

This shirt with long sleeves. It is also from Anthropologie. I might be able to find this print, we'll see.

I've been needing a brown pencil skirt and I really like the shape, buttons and piping of this one. I would use a wool brown plaid that I have in my stash. Oh and plum lining because that is what I have and it will be fun!
I'm not entirely sure how I can make this happen but I love this sweater from J. Crew. I think I might be able to buy a very large sweater at the thrift store and turn it into this. We'll see. Either way, I love it.

This buffalo check shirt is adorable. I've wanted a few more button up shirts and this would be great. It is from J. Crew as well.

I really like this purse. It is perfectly sized, simple but fun. All the things I'm looking for in a bag.

And last we have a hat. I really like hats and am trying to incorporate them into my daily wear. This is the basic shape I'm looking for. This one is from

As I look at the clothes above I don't think they really scream "mom wear". I tend to wear business casual on a regular basis and don't have very many 'jeans and t-shirt' kind of days. If everything is washable I don't see why not to dress a little better than expected. These are the clothes I really love.

For Calder:
Orange suspenders. Aren't these adorable? I love them so much. I attempted to buy suspender hardware today but my fabric store didn't have any so I may see if I can find suspenders at the thrift store and steal the hardware. There will be a tutorial when I do these.

This whole outfit per Calder's request. He wants the orange tie, the shirt with the cool cuffs and the "reindeer sweater". I'm going to do my best at this. From Small Magazine.

This shirt with a freezer paper stenciled pocket. I love it. From 

I want to make a shirt like this as well. I was able to find hunter green buffalo checked fabric today. Hopefully this one will happen sooner than later.  

I seem to be loving gingham lately. Hmm.. I guess what I really like is the casual print mixed with a dress shirt sophistication.

For The Home: 
I want to make a really cool duvet cover. I have the pattern in my head, but I can't really make a picture from that. It is going to be all white with lots of texture. I'm really excited! Otherwise I don't have many other things in mind but I'm sure projects will pop up as inspiration hits.

So, there you have it. Hopefully I can get all of these done and more. I'm excited to get started on some of these projects. I also love that my confidence is growing and I feel comfortable trying harder things for me. I think I'm still enjoying the sewers high from my strawberry pants.


LuAnn said...

I want to make a blouse and a skirt, too. I have fabric for both, but no pattern. I got them at G Street. Perhaps I could sew along side you...however, you should not wait around for you know I am ever so slowly whittling away some unfinished projects. How bout you go ahead and then I'll copy. I think I saw you in those pants and wanted to ask about them, but it seems it was I wish I'd taken a better look. I love colored pants! I've had a few in the past that I wish I'd held on to.

Anonymous said...

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