Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shabby Apple + Me = Love

I bought this dress in December and could not be more pleased with it! I have been wearing it almost weekly since then. It is a great church dress but even better, it is comfortable enough to wear every day. I wear mine with tights and boots. In the spring it will be great with a yellow scarf and flats. The sleeves are perfect and the length and neck line are also great. The best thing... it's on sale! $54.40 for a Shabby Apple dress is pretty good. 

My only negative thought is there is a snap to hold the wrap top together but it hit at a funny place on me. So I just unpicked it and don't use it. I've never had a problem hanging out, if you know what I mean. Maybe if I were more busty it would hit at a better place and I could have used the snap better. 

Here's what I wear it with now. 
These brown, flat boots. I love them. Mine are similar to the ones shown. I have been wearing them with black tights but now that I found aqua tights at the thrift store they are my new go-to. If I can remember, I'll take a picture next time I wear it so you can see it actually does work.

Here's what I will pair with this dress come spring.
A yellow scarf. Cute right? Plus this one is super cheap. I'll be looking for mine at the thrift store since I can't buy it new, but hey, if you're getting the dress on sale what's another $6.00. 
And these shoes. Aren't they sweet? I think I might be able to get something similar at the thrift store and spray paint them yellow. What? You've never heard of spray painting shoes? Check out this and this.

So, there you have it, my go-to item as of late. You're welcome.

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