Sunday, January 2, 2011

Strawberry Pants

 Making pants for me has always scared me to death. I attempted once a few years ago but it didn't end well. I have been wanting to make more of my clothes and since I wear pants quite frequently I decided it was about time I gave it a go again. I am so glad I did. This was one of those projects I started one day and was able to wear them the next. I'm not kidding. It was fast and easy. 

I used Simplicity 3850.
These pants have a lower rise, great pockets and a nice, strait leg. The instructions are well written, clear and I definitely feel like I ended up with pants that looked similar to the package.

I used a strawberry colored canvas that I bought at the thrift store a few months ago. I knew immediately that I wanted to make pants out of it but it took a while to get up the guts to make it happen.
 I like the flap pockets in the back and the fit is perfect. I will be wearing these a lot and will probably be making another pair quite soon. When it gets warmer I want to make a pair of knee length shorts using this pattern.
After I have a successful sewing project I have this major high. I get so excited and can't wait to jump into the next project. I love that high. I'm going to call it sewers high. It gives me so much confidence to try something new. This is why I sew.


Melissa said...

Ok, those look great!! I'm very impressed. I feel like pants would be tough. Zippers, pockets too hard. After this post maybe I'll get me a pattern and give it a go. By the way, all of your little projects lately are fabulous. I loved the little friends you made Calder.

happyfamily said...

They look great! I am wearing my current fave thing that I made, which is a hooded pullover. It turned out great and gave me a major sewer's high as well. I made pants once and they turned out good, but were too small, so that was disappointing. I'll have to try again- I have some wool I've been meaning to make pants with. Love all of your recent posts!

Danielle said...

Wow. Those are fantastic. You are really quite the seamstress! Also I love that shirt you are wearing with the pants. Did you make that too? :)

Cami said...

Thanks for all the positive comments. I really appreciate them. And I honestly do love these pants. I've worn them three times in the last week.

Melissa - just try. I love this pattern and you can usually find Simplicity at JoAnn's for $1.00. So worth it.

Sarah - I want to see pictures of your hoodie!

Danielle - I wish made the shirt but nope, I got it from Target a LONG time ago. I'm going to attempt my first button up soon. Wish me luck!

Lorraine said...

NO WAY! Pants. Cami, you've got serious skills.


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