Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stroller Sausage

It's cold here. I want to continue to go and do as much as possible and I was tired of stuffing a blanket into the stroller so I made a stroller sausage! I used thrifted orange wool for the exterior and thrifted white knit for the inside. It should be toasty warm and soft on the inside. This looks hard but really, it's pretty easy. Every stroller is different and it is much easier to use your stroller to measure. I'm happy to tell you what I did so hopefully you can re-create it if you want. 

1. First, measure the width and length of the seat. Now add 3/4 of that on to the long end. This is going to be the end that you fold over in the bottom to make a little boot to hold your kid's feet. It will also extend up to their chin.
2. Measure the back from the head rest to the bottom of the seat. This helps to keep the sausage in the right spot while you put your kid in. 
3. You'll need two side flaps measuring 15 x 30. Round one edge of each. 
4. Cut a lining of each of 1-3. You'll need 1.5 yards of both the exterior and the lining.
5. Since you'll be using bias tape for the edges remember to keep all WRONG sides together. Sew the lining to the exterior for each of the pieces. This will make it much easier to manuver the fabric. 
6. You'll start by sewing the seat area. Fold the longest piece so there is 1/4 of the total length hanging out on the top. Sew the foot area together from the bottom to the back of the seat. 
7. Next, sew the back part to the seat part you just sewed. My stroller has a rounded headrest, so I rounded these pieces before sewing them together.
8. Sew the side flaps on so the bottom attaches centered on the part where your child's back will be. These arms will wrap around and hug them. 
9. Sew bias tape all around the exposed edges. 
10. Sew ribbon on the ends of the back flap and to the front to keep them from shifting.
11. Put your sausage on the stroller and mark where the straps go. If there is anything else such as snaps or buttons holding the sunshade on, mark those too. Using your buttonhole foot make holes where you marked them. 
12. Put the sausage back on your stroller, making sure everything works. Put your kid in and mark where the velcro goes. There should be one set on the foot flap that comes up under the chin (see the picture below) and one on the right flap. That keeps everything snug. 
13. Sew the decorative buttons on the front and be thankful you're done!

Material list
1.5 yards of exterior and lining fabric. 
16 inches of velcro, divided in half
6 decorative buttons (optional)
20 inches of ribbon, divided by 4 (I used grosgrain but any will work)
12 feet of bias tape

I know these directions aren't as easy to understand as either of us would like. I am considering making another one and would take step by step pictures if anyone is interested. If you're interested, please leave me a comment. 

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