Saturday, February 5, 2011

Felt Mustaches

For my son's second birthday party we had a "Little Man" theme. It was perfect for him and his awesome sense of style. I made bow ties and mustaches for everyone. They were a hit! The mustaches are made out of felt and have elastic string to hold it on. I had seen the ones on a stick  before but didn't think that would work with a bunch of 1-3 year olds. Here's how you do it. 

1. Download this sheet and cut out the mustaches. It is from Easy Makes Me Happy. You can see what she did with them here.

2. Use brown, gray, black and tan felt to cut out the mustaches. I just pinned the paper ones to the felt and used them as a pattern. I didn't alter the size at all. You'll need to cut two per mustache.

3. Now use contrasting embroidery floss to put the two together. When you get to the top corners of the mustache stop and attach the elastic thread.
4. Measure the elastic thread around your head to make sure it will fit and cut the thread. To attach the elastic thread tie a double knot in the end. Then put your needle through the knot and attach it to the mustache between the two layers of felt. Continue to sew until you reach the other top corner.
5. Sew all the way around and finish off with a hidden knot between the two felt layers. 

And you're done! That's it. I made a bunch of these pretty quickly. My son has about 6 of them left over that we use for dress up and just for fun. I love that he will randomly throw one on while he's playing.

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Harada's said...

I LOVE the way you dress your son! He is just the cutest. I try and dress my boys all cute and stylish like this but I find it really hard to find really cute clothes for them. I occasionally come across so items I really love but not very often. So my question is where do you shop for him?
Anyway... how cute and easy are these mustaches! I am going try this out. my boys would have a blast dressing up in these. =)


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