Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Growth Chart

When I was younger, every few months my mom would measure all of us on the back door and write our name and the date. I loved looking to see where I compared to my siblings when they were my age and to see how much I had grown since the last time. And now, when we go visit my parents Calder can compare to me and all of his aunts and uncles.
 Since I live in an apartment I don't really want to write on the walls or doors, since I can't take that from house to house, so I made a growth chart to serve this purpose. I wanted it to be simple, so there can be lots of marking on it but I also wanted it to be cute. It is gender neutral and Calder loves it. 

I started with a piece of thrifted wool and made it just over 5 feet long. I then sewed rick-rack at one foot intervals. I made it so it should hang one foot off the ground, so it will go all the way to six feet tall. It is double sided, so I could use both sides if I needed to.
 The tree is a piece of brown ribbon for the trunk and thrifted green linen for the top. I embroidered numbers indicating the number of feet the rick rack was designating. For now my plan is to embroider the names and dates on it. If that gets too hard, I can always switch to a fine point sharpie.

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