Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Home Style

As I mentioned yesterday one of the surprising results of my Nothing New 2011 Challenge is that I am honing in on my personal style. I spoke a little about my clothing style yesterday and want to talk a little more about my home style today. 

I used to think I only liked somewhat cold, modern and white. Although I do love these things I also like mid-century modern furniture and Scandinavian design.  Here are a few things I'm loving lately, that I feel have evolved since the start of the challenge. 
Spotted on Decor8
I love the lines on the dresser, the use of white and color, the mirror and the coat rack. Everything. I feel like the dresser top is more cluttered than I can deal with but otherwise I love it.
From Design*Sponge
 I'm loving this mid-century vibe. I would probably have a little more white but otherwise love it. I really dig that color combination too and could see myself using it as a whole house inspiration.
 Also from Design*Sponge
I also love this kitchen. The colors are perfect. I already have mostly red appliances and I think adding in a few aqua or turquoise bowls would be perfect. It is so bright and happy. I also love the white vintage stove, white cabinets and white counters.

I love this plate display, spotted on Bloom. The wall color is the perfect blue and I love the pops of green and yellow. Hey, it goes with my color palate up above.
 From WiseCraft
And last, but not least this dining room seems to encompass my desire for mid-century furniture, white with pops of color and still seems comfortable and family friendly. I'm not crazy about the rug, or light fixture but everything else is awesome.

I've noticed something else that I really appreciate in design is symmetry. I love the idea of two identical chairs flanking a fireplace. Something about having a dividing line to a room really works for me. In the dining room above you can see two identical lamps on the buffet table. I love that. 

Okay, so my question for you is, how do you decorate? Do you save money until you can re-do a whole room in one pop or buy a little each month? Do you have a very specific idea in your head of what you want the end result to look like or do you just find pieces you love and put them together?

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