Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Knit Striped Shirt

 I'm slowly getting more and more comfortable working with knits. They aren't hard to work with, just hard to look right. I found this red and blue striped knit at the thrift store. It was about two yards and seemed thick enough for a new t-shirt. It is very good quality and I'm glad I snagged it. Actually I didn't get it the first time I saw it. I went back three days later and was so happy it was still there!
I have this t-shirt that I liked but was a bit too thin. It was actually a maternity t-shirt from Target. I love it though and it doesn't seem to have any extra fabric in the waist, it is just really long, which I love. I took the shirt apart to use as a pattern. Basically you just cut up the seams and your pieces should look like this when you fold them in half. 

I wanted the sleeves to be gathered down a central seam and so that is why I added half of it to the front of the shirt. I also added a lot of fabric in the chest area. I wanted it to be rolled or gathered. I ended up gathering.

 The back came out perfect. It is just the right length and it hangs nicely. There are gathers around the neck adding interest.

And this is the front. For the gathers I just used regular thread and gathered on the inside, in no particular order. I know you can do some really cool things with gathers (American smocking) but I like the natural look of this. Oh and I cut a blue stripe to become my ribbing for the neck and sleeves. 

I'm excited to make another t-shirt. I love that you can take a basic shape and turn it into something special.

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Jessica said...

You are so talented! I would never know you didn't buy this off a rack at Anthropologie. I love it.


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