Friday, February 11, 2011

Mad Men Sew-Along

Remember way back in November I talked about doing a Mad Men Sew-Along with Presser Foot? Well, I finished my dress in the middle of December and wore it to a Christmas cocktail party around that time. I didn't like the pictures I took of it at the time but haven't gotten around to taking more, so I thought I would at least show you what I've got. If I get around to taking more, I'll post them. 

 I used chartreuse taffeta and a lace overlay for the bodice and skirt. I made a sash, hem and collar just from the taffeta. It is hard to see but I did the pearl button detail down the skirt that I mentioned on my initial sew-along post. On the back I used a vintage button at the top of the neck and a removable broach to hold the sash in place.
 I used the pattern for the most part but I made up the collar, added the sash and lengthened the sleeves. It fits like a glove and I really love it. It was festive without being costume like. And I swear it isn't this shiny in person.


Aunt Spicy said...

Totally, completely, am in awe! The dress looks amazing! So fun to meet you tonight!

Melanie said...

So neat. LOVE it.

DeAnn @ The SIP project said...

Love the Mad-Men sew along and the Shabby Apple type dresses having fun looking at them all wishing I could sew something like that cause I sure haven't seen it in the stores I shop in and I definitely can't afford Louis Vuitton! Guess that means I have to learn to sew better! Fun posts!


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