Monday, February 28, 2011

Spending Fast Recap

Before I get started telling you about the end of my Spending Fast,  I wanted to show you a quick and easy fix for an area that has been bugging me. My bookshelf was starting to feel cluttered and ugly. I rearranged the books by color and now I LOVE it. Check it out.

See, isn't that much better? I am so glad I did that. I catch myself focusing on the white shelf at the top. I just love the way that looks.

Okay, on to business. Today is the last day of my Spending Fast. So, for the month of February I only bought the bare necessities. You can check out more about it here

This has been a good month. I didn't feel the stress I felt last year when I did this for the first time. I am already not buying anything new this whole year, so this wasn't all that different other than decreasing my grocery budget and not going to the thrift store. I am really happy I did it but I don't feel like it was as life altering as the first time I did it. Here are the things I've learned. 
  • My husband LOVES Spending Fast month. Or at least he loves watching our bank account during the month. He recently said "Can you believe I looked at our Amex bill and there wasn't any charges" Uh, yeah, I can. 
  • I can live without saran wrap and sandwich baggies, at least in the short term. I am doing better about using tupperware. I want to make reuseable sandwich baggies, but haven't done it yet. 
  • I plan more fun outings when I don't shop.
  • I sew more when I don't shop. 
  • I re-focus my grocery priorities. I stuck with fresh fruits and veggies this time which meant I really had to skimp elsewhere. I'm glad I did though. I definitely prefer fresh over canned or frozen. 
I'm so excited to be finishing up this month so we can move on to March! I'm looking forward to  Me-Made-March and my city guides! it should be a good month here on Candied Apples. 

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