Monday, February 7, 2011

Spending Fast Week 1 and Weekly Favs

The first week of my spending fast went perfectly. I spent $44.82 at the grocery store, so I will be rolling over the remainder of my $50 budget to this week. I think it gets increasingly harder as the month goes on, so the more I can roll over the better. I don't feel the same struggle as I did when I did it last year. I would like to think it is because I am a stronger, better person but in reality it is probably because I'm doing the Nothing New 2011 Challenge and I already switched up my spending habits. I do miss the thrift store and can't wait to go back in March. I probably won't do another post about the Spending Fast until the end of the month, since I don't really feel like the last week was life altering. 


Here are the things I loved this last week around the blogosphere. 
This quilt from Lotta Jonsdotter. I love her. She is so simple in design but I swear she makes you want to do everything just like her. Spotted on WiseCraft.

This adorable pottery. I am loving all the pennant things I've been seeing and this is the icing on the cake. Spotted on


Danielle said...

I love Fossil bags. I have a Fossil purse and I love it.

Melanie said...

I'm curious as to what meals you plan during your spending fasts. I feel like I plan pretty simple things, and when I shop I typically stick to my list of ingredients needed for meals, plus some extra produce, but I still spend $100/month. Produce is always $20-30. Unless I was eating largely from my food storage, I would feel like my meals would end up pretty bland and not and nutritious if I did a spending fast.


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