Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Columbus City Guide - Eat

Ah food. I love it, you love it, let me tell you where to eat in Columbus. First, let me explain that we only lived in Columbus for a year. My family doesn't regularly go out to eat. We generally go for special occasions and when family comes to town. So, I didn't eat everywhere in Columbus, but these were our favorites. 

North Market
59 SPRUCE ST IN SHORT NORTH     (614) 463-9664      www.northmarket.com
This is a beautiful outdoor / indoor farmers market. It's not just a farmer's market though, inside you'll find restaurants, a butcher, fabulous bakeries and flower shops. They also offer cooking classes and live music.  I think this is the coolest concept for food. I loved going to North Market.

Moshi Sushi
Photo from Moshi Sushi
2152 E. MAIN ST IN BEXLEY      (614) 732-0641      www.moshisushibar.com
My husband's boss told us about this place shortly after we moved there and we loved it. It was definitely one of the best sushi restaurants we've been to. We went a few times and never had to wait. The prices and decor are average for sushi but the food is exceptional.

Brown Bag
Photo from BrownBaggv.com
898 MOHAWK ST   (614) 443-4214    Brown Bag
This was our favorite sandwich shop. Everything we at there was delicious. They have an amazing assortment of warm or cold sandwiches, salads and soups. They also served homemade ice cream in the summer. This was one of the places we took everyone who visited.

Jenni's Ice Cream
From Examiner.com

714 N. HIGH ST. SHORT NORTH    (614) 294-5364    http://jenisicecreams.com/index.html
 Olive oil with sea salted pepitas, violets and meringue, pistachio and honey,  Bangkok peanut... would you believe these are ice cream flavors? Seriously and they're delicious. My favorite is salty caramel. You'll find Jeni's all over the place. Heck, there's even one in North Market. It's worth the stop for sure.

Photo from HelloColumbus.com

263 E. WHITTIER ST. IN GERMAN VILLAGE  614-443-3699  www.barcelonacolumbus.com 
This is the best place to go for a fancy dinner. Think anniversary or birthday. They serve delicious, mostly Spanish food in a beautiful old building. The best part though, is the patio. It is beautiful with large umbrellas over each table. The umbrella came in handy when it started raining while we were eating. None of us got wet and it was so fun to eat in the rain on a warm day. We even felt comfortable taking our son with us especially because we ate outside in a more casual setting. They do have highchairs.

Photo from BuzzCritic.com

951 NORTH HIGH STREET IN SHORT NORTH   (614)298-9999  www.thenorthstarcafe.com
This is the best healthy food in the city. I'm not kidding, this stuff is good. When you go, get the Northstar burger. It is made of black beans, rice and beets but tastes amazing. My two year old loved his. Oh and they give away free Northstar burgers on Earth Day. So, if you are in the are, make sure to go there for lunch!

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