Thursday, March 10, 2011

Columbus City Guide - Shop

From Sew To Speak
This is the best fabric store I've ever been to. Hands down.  When I get a chance to go back to Columbus, this will be towards the top of the list of places to go. It is like they took all the fabric available and honed it down to the best of the best. I honestly think I could walk in and buy anything off the shelves.  And everyone is so sweet. They have a little corner with toys so your kids can play while you shop. Heaven, I tell you, heaven.

From Wholly Craft
3171 N HIGH ST COLUMBUS, OH  (614) 447-3445
This is such a fun place to shop. It is like all the local sellers from ETSY came together and opened a shop. You will absolutely love this shop. Plus, it's not too far from Sew To Speak, so you could hit up both in one pop.

I used to go thrift shopping in high school and I loved it. In college I tapered off and then completely dropped it when I started working in the business-casual environment of a doctor's office. When we moved to Columbus I started trying to figure out more of my style as a mom instead of a business person and thrifting started happening again. I love wearing business slacks and pencil skirts but I also love vintage dresses and tops. I feel like my style started to evolve in Columbus and I love that. The thrift stores in Columbus are hit and miss, but I found some awesome things, so it is definitely worth the visit. 

I think I'm going to start making it a habit of going to thrift stores on vacation from now on. I would love to go to thrift stores in other countries too.  Have you ever been to a thrift store on vacation?

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