Monday, March 28, 2011

Me Made March - March 28

I think I am going to call Chicago my last city guide city for now. I hope you enjoyed it! I do currently live in the DC area but I want to wait before doing a city guide. I have more exploring to do, you know? But I promise as awesome places pop up, I'll let you know about them! So, did you like the city guide? Do you now have a strong desire to visit any of these cities? 

I also found this on the very creative blog Scarlet. So, since I will be getting something delightful from her, I need to pass this on and five of you will be receiving something pretty cool from me. Just make sure you are one of the first five people to comment and then zip me an email at cowilcox (at) gmail (dot) com.

 And, here's what I wore today. I found this cardigan from Anthropologie and love it. So I thought I would attempt to duplicate it. I had some blue and white striped knit, so that is what I used. I'm totally loving it. And, dare I say, I like mine better?

I do wish the sleeves would have been striped too but I ran out of fabric. All well. I still love it. I used  a t-shirt as a pattern and extended the front area. It is very similar to the blue one I wore a few days ago. The only difference is I added a little extra around the neck. If it wasn't pinned up it would drape like the Anthropologie one.

 Oh and the coolest thing about this new cardigan is that EVERYTHING I used to make it came from the thrift store. The fabric, the yellow bias tape, even the 1950's buttons.
Cardigan: made by me
Jeans: The Limited
Necklace: I totally can't remember. 
Earrings: LOFT


happyfamily said...

Okay, I'm in.

I love your color combo- I wish that you could come over, I made a shirt with the same fabric a few months ago. I'd love to craft with you for a week!

The Garrett family said...

I'm in you make the most adorable stuff.

Melissa said...

I want in. I have loved your "Me Made March". I'm determined to make some things for myself in the near future.

Jenny said...

I cant believe that people didn't jump on this sooner (the pay it forward thing). I've done this once before and only one person commented on mine. I'd love to do it again. I would LOVE something homemade from you! You are an amazing seamstress.


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