Saturday, March 5, 2011

Portland City Guide - Roundup

 I hope you've enjoyed Portland week. I sure did and it makes me want to visit even more. Here's a few more shopping and crafting highlights of the city.
  • If you're planning a trip to Portland, check out this awesome blog called urbanMamas. Every Wednesday they do a post with a whole list of things going on that weekend. I wish I had one of those for my current city. 
  • Go to Saturday Market. How can you turn down a craft fair under a bridge every week? 
  • If you have room in your car visit Scrap! It is a store where you can get reusable products. You never know what they have but I'm sure it would be awesome to visit.

  • Paper Zone is where I fell in love with paper crafting. This is such a fun store.

  • Stop by Twisted, a knitting store with a very large couch and they have a tea bar. 

  • Bolt, a fabric store. I plan to go here next time I'm in town. I love the modern neighborhood feel of the store.

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