Saturday, April 2, 2011

April - A Month Of Giving

A few weeks ago, as Calder and I were riding in the car we saw a homeless man on the side of the road. This certainly isn't a rare occurance for us, but for some reason I felt like I should share with him. I had made us some sandwiches (using homemade bread and jam, no less) and offered him one. He was thrilled! He ate it quickly and thanked me profusely. 

I have been thinking about this exchange ever since and now make it a point to stock my bag with granola bars and other snacks to give should we run across someone in need. 

As you may have guessed I like having a monthly focus. In January I started Nothing New 2011, in February I did the Spending Fast, in March I did Me Made March and in April I'm doing a Month of Giving. 

Every day I want to give purposefully. It may not be giving food or items every day. It could be giving of my knowledge, my talents or my time. I'm hoping I can involve Calder a lot in this and show him how good it feels to give.

Want to join me?

1 comment:

Bitterbetty said...

Oh! My dear! What a lovely commitment!
I am inspired.


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