Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Me Made June - A Call to Action

I have an announcement to make. As you know I just finished Me-Made-March about a month ago. I loved it and am so excited to hear Zoe of So Zo is doing another round in June. So, look forward to June when I wear at least one item of clothing I've made each day of the month. She also does Self-Sewn-September and my goal for that is to ONLY wear things I've made. I have a lot of sewing to do!  

Along with this announcement I would like to call you to action! Please join me in Me-Made-June! You could always just make a bunch of scarves, headbands and broaches to get you by. If you've made a few things for yourself, you could totally do this! It's tons of fun to see how you can re-work the things you've made into different outfits.

So, are you in?

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