Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and those of you who are mothers felt celebrated and loved. Heck, I hope all of you, mothers or not, felt celebrated and loved this weekend. 

I had a fabulous weekend. I got to sleep in on Saturday and then took my little boy to National Train Day at Union Station. It was awesome. We watched demonstrations with celebrity Chefs Michel Richard and Gerard Bertholon. They made us chocolate mousse and it was delicious. Calder's favorite thing was probably the model train exhibits. There were two large displays that he could get right up to and were right at his height. He also liked the professional hula hoop performances. Who knew there were such things but these girls were good! It looks like National Train Day is a traveling thing. They are going to Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, LA and a few other locations, so check it out.

Today was also wonderful I woke up to an awesome water color picture the boys made yesterday and a very large pot of white chrysanthemums. I love them! Hopefully they stay alive.  Calder was so excited about the picture and I absolutely love it. I can't wait to frame it and put it above my desk.

In sewing news I was stuck in a rut for a bit but am back on the band wagon. All I needed to get back in business was a trip to G Street Fabrics. Oh I love this store. Since I am more of an apparel fabric shopper instead of a craft or quilt fabric shopper, this is the perfect place. Their fabric is a little higher priced but really good quality and they have a massive wall in the back filled with $3.00 a yard fabrics. I found some amazing black fabric to make a dress. I have been frustrated with my nice dinner options and decided to just make one. Last night Jason was at a work related party and so I cranked it out in one night. I will show you soon! I still have to finish the seams on the inside. I so wish I had a serger. Someday.

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happyfamily said...

Paul's in DC right now visiting his parents with our kids while I'm in mississippi helping my sister with her new baby. They tried to go to national train day, but the lines were too long! Funny to think that they could have run in to you! Happy Mother's Day!
Oh, and it may surprise you to hear that last week I made a black dress too. But it turned out terribly (unlike yours). I'm not sure how to fix it!


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