Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pintrest Love

I'm sure you all know about Pinterest by now. In case you haven't it is the greatest thing since blogs. Seriously. You can pin things to your board that you find around the web. That way you don't have file after file on your computer that you never seem to look at. Or is that just me? 

Another great thing is that you can look at other people's boards to get inspiration. I have found so many great things this way! Every week I get an email from them with very spot on suggestions of boards I might like. I love every bit of it! Here's a quick peek at what's in my board.

Want to see the rest of my boards? Go here. And to get your own account, go here. We can even be friends, so you can see what else I put up! Happy pinning!

1 comment:

happyfamily said...

Love that cabinet full of Pyrex. I miss Chicago thrift stores- they were full of that stuff, and now it's too late... :)


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