Monday, May 16, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

 Check out this adorable purse. I found it at the thrift store - with the original vintage tags still on. It is really three purses in one. You see, there's the polka dot version up above here. And down below we have the winter wool version.

 And down here we have the winter plaid version. Each cover buttons on and comes off as you change your outfit. And, this means I can make a million other covers to go with it! It is the ever changing purse. I love it. Oh and it came with extra buttons. I wish I could call whoever keeps donating these brand new, tags still on vintage wares to the thrift store and just ask them if I can save them the trouble and I'll come by and pick them up.
If you want your own amazing vintage Banner House purse, check out this one, or this duck one or this really cute one.  

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