Monday, June 6, 2011


Today's post is nothing about sewing or crafting but it is something I've been thinking about lately. 

The future of books. 

Conveniently today's Photo Challenge is books, so it ties right in. I promise.
I, like many people, have an e-reader. I love it and don't really have a desire to buy real books in the future. Of course, sewing books with patterns are the exception. I doubt our book collection will really grow but I also doubt we'll get rid of all our books at any point. I like the way they look, I think the books on your bookshelf says a lot about you and I feel it adds to your home. 

Libraries are starting to offer e-books for loan. I can't wait until my local library starts doing it. I absolutely love the idea of borrowing a book and never having to worry about late fees. 

So, do you currently have an e-reader? Do you think you will be buying book in 10 years? Do you think libraries will still be buying books in 10 years? Do you think we will still have libraries?

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happyfamily said...

I don't buy books. We have an amazing library system here, and I can get whatever I want whenever I want, basically. I also use if there's a book I think that I'll want to keep or my library doesn't have. I'm not an e-reader type of a gal- actual holding of books and turning pages seems to be somewhat key to my reading enjoyment. Also, I read really a lot- probably 2 books a week or so, so to me the library or finds from the thrift store or paperbackswap or half are pretty good. But, maybe if I spent some time with an e-reader I'd change my tune.


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