Thursday, June 2, 2011

Me Made June - June 2

 I think this is one of those dresses that my husband hates  but I LOVE it. It is the most comfortable thing. Seriously. It is basically a house dress, making it the best mom dress. I can move and jump and run. It isn't tight or uncovered in any way. It doesn't need a cardigan, so it's great in the summer. 

I wore flip flops with it, although you can't really see them. They are green and white striped. 
Perfect really.

 We went to the zoo and Ikea today. It was a pretty good day!

Dress: Made by me using a pattern from Chic & Simple Sewing by  Christine Haynes.
Shoes: Payless
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren
Belt: Thrifted

1 comment:

Sew Country Chick said...

That's cute! It looks like a vintage pattern.


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