Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh The Miss

Check this out. Yeah, you can stop laughing any time now.

I mean it. Stop.

This was an attempt at a modern art piece. Nope. It is a totally laughable miss. I am really bummed because I put a lot of time into collecting these old hand mixer beaters.

Maybe I should just stick to sewing.


happyfamily said...

Even though it's not your style, think how much some lady at a cracker barrel would love it!

Ashley said...

I like it! Hey Camilla, I loved your interview and you are my new hero now. I want to take my kids all around DC to museums. So. Jealous. I am in the contest too and am thinking I will be going home any time. That is amazing that you won by such a huge margin the first week...I have barely scraped by each time. Nice to "meet" you. I 'll keep checking back at your awesome site.


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