Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mixed Patterns

Oh what a fun clothes day! I am totally into this pattern mixing thing. I have a heavily patterned button up shirt that I don't wear very often because it is a bit loud. But with a yellow and white striped sweater over the top, it was perfect. 
 Both of these came from the thrift store. I love them and just can't wait to wear this outfit more. I liked the white capris (Eddie Bauer) but could pair these with white or blue jeans just as easily.
 The day wasn't totally perfect. Calder has been sick and so we didn't actually leave the house. Well, we did go to the roof to take some pictures, but that's it. At least I looked cute while helping my poor little man feel better. Hopefully he will be on the mend tomorrow.
I'm totally sweating about color blocking tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Ali said...

I LOVE this. What a great mix! I'm curious now to see what that mega patterned button up looks like...

Good luck with color blocking!

aje&h said...

I also LOVE this outfit. it's beautiful.


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