Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding Love

In June my sister got married. We had so much fun getting together and celebrating. I love my family. We always have a great time together. I made my dress, added the pink sash and made Calder a real bow tie. Of course, when the time came to put it on we couldn't find it. So, I quickly made another one out of ribbon.
 My family is as thrifty as I am. Instead of renting a backdrop from a wedding supply company, my parents bought these garden decorations to use as a backdrop. I love the way they look and now that the wedding is over they can use them just about anywhere in the yard. I imagine it cost about the same, but they get to keep them.
 I had two jobs to get ready for the wedding. I pulled all the weeds in the flowerbed, planted flowers and spread bark and I was in charge of the candy buffet. I've seen them all over and really wanted to do one. I'm so glad my sister wanted one too. It turned out very cute and everyone loved it.
 I made little cards to identify the candy. I think we had 12 different types of candy. I love the way it looks. Her colors were pink, white and black. I would love to try this again with more colors.

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