Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby Bump

 As promised, here's the small but growing bump. It is big enough that I don't fit in my normal pants, which is proving to be quite the challenge. The maternity pants I wore last time just aren't that cute. How did I not know? I was so happy with them three and a half years ago.
 So I decided to make some of my non-maternity pants into maternity pants. These jeans are a pair of them. I really like the way they turned out and they are really comfortable. All you need is a pair of pants and an old tight fitting t-shirt.
 First you cut off the waist band in the front and back. You'll cut a bit more in the front than the back. Next you'll zig zag stitch or serge around your new pant waist.
 Then take a t-shirt and cut off a nice wide band. You can always cut this down later once you know how high you want it after you sew the shirt to your pants.
 Pin the two together with the t-shirt over the pants. The idea is that you'll put the pants on and you'll always look like you have a white t-shirt on under whatever you've got on. I don't really love the stretchy waistbands on maternity pants because they always peek out if my shirt isn't quite long enough or if I am wearing a light colored shirt.

Then you just sew them together around the original seam of the shirt. Perfect. Easy. Comfortable.

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