Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in DC

There is something magical about being in a city at Christmas time. I have been in many cities at this time of year and I honestly think there is something very special about each one. This is our second Christmas in DC and I have a few favorite activities. If you're ever in DC for Christmas you have to check them out! 

My first favorite activity is visiting Santa at the Ellipse just down the hill from the White House. LG creates this magical workshop with a real good / bad list, letters to Santa and half made toys. The elves help you through the building and then you get to visit Santa. And he is a real looking Santa. Calder loves it.
 Then you get to visit Jesus at the nativity. This adorable park ranger chatted with the boys.
 And as you turn around you see the White House. It's really a beautiful building. Around the Ellipse there are trees with decorations for all the states. They are fun to look at as you walk to the large Christmas Tree.
 And in true DC form they had about a dozen trains around the tree. It seems they have trains everywhere we go here. Union Station, the Botanic Garden, College Park Aviation Museum and I swear every other place we go. It's perfect for little boys.
 My second favorite place to go is the Botanic Gardens. It's warm and beautiful year round. At Christmas time they have a train room (surprise) and they build replicas of buildings out of fruit, berries, nuts and plants. I am always in awe at what they can do with food.

I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas! I am so excited for 2012. There are good things in the works for me and hopefully you!

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