Friday, January 20, 2012

Apple Responds

My dearest Candied,

2012 has indeed begun with a bang! Some neighbors decided to shoot off some pretty intense home fireworks at about 12:30am, January 1st. The fireworks spooked the goats, of course, and our nearest neighbors either ran outside to confirm the cause of the noise or shouted angrily in sleep-deprived frustration from their bedroom windows. Of course, mr. j and i found the whole thing humorous...all except the goats. We did feel quite sorry for the sweet beasts. Happily the spook did not interfere in the least with the following day’s milk production.

The year-of-service project is brilliant! What a fulfilling and positive force of good to contribute to the world! 2011 has probably been the most difficult of my 35 years of life. As things have stabilized, the desire to reach out and restore hope in others has increased. Experiencing despair and hopelessness allowed me to experience the euphoria of hope restored--it is like living in a warm gentle daylight versus darkness.

Thomas S. Monson’s words have penetrated my biases and percolated my soul--“life IS perfect for none of us.” Fresh and healing wounds often are invisible. Judgement and criticism chaff those wounds, re-opening, even scarring further. Reaching out in acceptance, generosity, and kindness can simply make all the difference. I just want to be part of making that positive difference for as many souls (mine included!) as possible.

I cheerfully and gratefully join you in this worthy endeavor!


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