Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby Dress #2

 These baby dresses are so fun! This one is size 12 month, which is good. That's about the time I won't have any time to sew. This fabric was a small remnant from JoAnn's and it is home decorator weight. I love that it is slightly stiff and therefore will bell out. Cute.
 I added white piping and a wood button. There isn't much I don't add piping to these days. It's just a little detail that makes it look so much more polished. This is a very simple version of the dress and I love that it has a slight 60's feel.
Have a fabulous Friday!

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Casey and Karen said...

So cute! From my own experience, I would suggest not having too many dresses in the 6-12 range. My girls had a really hard time crawling in dresses so they rarely wore them in the crawling stage. Maybe other moms have different experiences, so take my advice lightly :)


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