Monday, January 9, 2012

Bed Scraps to Bench

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Jason. He really had a great birthday. We went to dinner at Mrs. K's Toll House on Saturday and had some delicious food. Sunday (his actual birthday) was spent playing with Calder, eating cake and opening fun presents. It was rather low key but that is really how Jason prefers things. I was tempted to do a big bash but I know it would make him uncomfortable and since it was his birthday and all I did what he would prefer. Even though it was hard. :)

Remember those parts from Calder's bed that we weren't going to use because it will never be a  bunk bed? They have been sitting in his room for the last few months and finally I came up with this awesome idea. I could make a bench out of them. So, I started looking for inspiration and saw this

I decided I wanted something with a similar feel. Colorful, fun, clean. I also wanted to involve my son. They were his bed pieces after all. We had so much fun working on it together. He is pretty good with a drill, a paint brush and a screwdriver. I am really impressed and can't wait to start doing more projects with him. I was a little worried he would lose interest or have a hard time with the tools but he was awesome.
 The top pieces and the two side supports were all left over wood, so they were essentially free. The nuts and bolts were $1.00 for each set and I needed 10 of them. The legs were $3.00 each and the screw supports were $2.50. The paint was all leftover paint from other house hold projects, so it too was free. So I spent $32.00 for this bench. It turned out so much better than I imagined it would.
 I originally intended to put it on the balcony for seating out there but I can't bring myself to remove it from the living room. It is just so cute and looks so perfect there. The blue is the same as the hallway stripes and the coral matches the mirror. The yellow ties in to the cushions on the couch and gray and white look good everywhere. I may have to make another one for the balcony.
 Oh, what are those pictures you ask? They are the theater signs from each of the three cities we've previously lived in together. The center is Portland, Oregon the left is Columbus, Ohio and the right is Chicago. There is a theater down the street from our current house with a decent sign I just haven't taken a picture yet. I love the little collection of signs we have and what they represent.
 Have a great week!


Casey and Karen said...

Very cute! Using paints you already had ensured that the bench would mesh perfectly--great idea! I bought some fabric for my skirt project. I found a few simple tutorials. I'm excited to start next week!

Kerolann said...

Congrats on your baby bump Cami! I was catching up on your blog the other day and Henry came and sat by me. He saw Calder's coat and your maternity pants project and commented on how you sewed a lot. Then he saw your painted hall and said, "she can do everything! She is perfect." I don't dare show him this bench project or he may ask to switch to your family. You are amazing.


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