Friday, January 6, 2012

Dresser Dress Up

Remember this picture of my son's dresser?
Well, my amazingly talented friend Katie of Clarenden Lane fame sent me some adorable numbers. I thought they would be perfect for Calder's dresser. Here's what it looks like now.
They add so much punch and personality! I think it is so fun to personalize something as ubiquitous as an Ikea dresser and make it special. It is also quite nice to ask Calder to go get a pair of socks from drawer #3 and he gets so excited to comply. He thinks these are the coolest thing ever.

You too can get these awesome numbers from Katie's shop, Vinyl Vineyard! Check it out here. She has some really amazing things!

Here are a few other suggestions for numbers around your home.

Have a fabulous weekend! It is my husband's birthday (the big 30!!!!) so we are going to party hard. 


Danielle said...

Happy birthday to Jason! I hope you have some fun plans. My big one is this summer, and I've told Max that he better be planning something amazing. :)

Tonii said...

How darling is that dresser?! I really love your style, thanks for sharing such a cute idea!

Karen said...

I am not sure how I forgot about this fabulous blog of yours, but I did. I read through the entire last year in one night when a little someone was keeping me awake. You are amazing, Cami! I left reading your blog feeling inspired/totally lacking in creativity in my life. I am changing that and pulled out my sewing machine and am looking for projects to start on. My goal is to sew a shirt, skirt, and pants for myself this year. If you have any simple patterns to suggest, I would appreciate it!

Happy birthday to Jason! This is the year for Casey to turn 30, too, even if he is in complete denial :)


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