Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home Tour Part 2 - Kid Room

This is my son's room. He is three and was very involved in choosing everything in his room. After we moved from our small one bedroom in November all of Calder's toys moved from the living room to his bedroom. I LOVE how clean my living room is most of the time. Above is his kitchen and in the green suitcase are all of his matchbox cars and tracks. I love using old Samsonite suitcases for storage. I am hoping to find a few more in this same style.
This is Calder's bed. We bought the Kura reversible bed from Ikea and turned it so the mattress is on the bottom. Calder desperately wanted bunk beds but his mattress is 11 inches thick. There aren't any bunk beds out there that can be used with an 11 inch mattress. Thankfully we sold him on the fort bed. He loves it. I made black out curtains to wrap around the bed. This made it so I didn't have to make curtains for his room. You'll see why I didn't want to soon.

The picture hanging above his bed was my husband's Grandpa's before he died. We don't know anything about the picture or the frame but we all love it. Calder requested it in his room.
This is Calder's dresser and music station. See those wood pieces off to the left? Those are leftover pieces from Calder's bed since we aren't using it as a bunk bed. I have a project in mind for them.
On the wall beside Calder's bed is a vintage map I got from our church library for free. It is terribly outdated and Jason is itching to update it. Around the border are country flags. Jason and Calder like to find the countries that go with the flag. I'm impressed with how many flags Calder recognizes now.

Of course on the other side of the bed we have a toy box and a bookshelf.
And here we have the beautiful floor to ceiling windows. I love this feature. When we first moved in it was weird to stand really close to the windows. I felt like I might fall out! Calder loves his view of the world. He can watch garbage trucks pick up dumpsters and crush the trash from the top.
This piece in the middle of his room was used to hold our TV at our last house. I'm glad we moved it in here. Calder uses it as a desk, a train table and toy storage. The two reflective things hanging on the wall are his license plates. He has one from Illinois and one from Ohio. If we ever move from Maryland he will get one of those too. I love the idea of him having a license plate from every state he has lived in.
There is also a bathroom connected to Calder's room. He only has a shower but a friend of mine gave him a kid's shower extender. I had never heard of these but you just connect them to your shower head and they move the water down to your child's height. He loves to take showers in there.

I love that Calder has his own room. He enjoys being in there and spends a big chunk of his time there. It is bright and happy and we all love it.

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