Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Week's Thoughtful Tuesday was to say something nice. This isn't a hard thing to do but it may be a hard thing to remember. I really tried to make this my focus for the week and I felt a difference in my attitude and happiness.

I honestly had a very hard week. There were some changes in my life that will ultimately be good but they are hard in the moment. I was released as a member of the Primary presidency in my ward at church. I loved this calling. I loved those I worked with and I loved serving the kids.

I also LOVE the new president and presidency and I know they will do a really good job but it is hard to have such a sudden change. I don't have a new calling yet, which is also a little weird. So I feel like I'm drifting a little.

One of the things that helped me this week was Thoughtful Tuesday. I tried to focus more on complimenting others than thinking about myself. It was a really great challenge for what was going on this week.

Okay, enough about me. How was your week? Did you notice a difference while saying nice things? I'd love to hear about it. 

This next Thoughtful Tuesday challenge is to choose a family to do do acts of kindness for throughout the year. This will be your 2012 family and each month you will provide some random act of kindness for them. Here's a list of ideas of things you could do for them. 

Drop off books and treats on their door. 
Shovel snow from their driveway. 
Rake leaves,
Deliver dinner.
Babysit while they go out to dinner.
Write a note telling them how much you admire / appreciate them. 
Invite them over for a family night of games and snacks. 

Do you have any other ideas? 
This can be anonymous or not. We are not going to tell the family we are giving service to them but we aren't going to drop stuff off and run every month either. So for example, we will probably have them over for family night but won't tell them we are giving them service. I hope that makes sense. I can't wait to tell you what we do this week and I can't wait to hear what you come up with!


aje and h said...

e choose my sister's family. My sister and I have been quarrellling for about a year. Obviously, the children have felt it and their relationships have suffered. It's embarrassing that I haven't followed e's advice to say sorry and resolve the quarrell. I have kept my hurt and pride locked safely away in my heart...making it impossible to forgive. This challenge has become e's chance to have me (her mom!) be the example I should be and serve in order to forgive. Children can definitely take us places we woudn't go on our own. What a gift.

aje and h said...
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