Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday

I am so excited to start posting weekly service suggestions! This will be a new series throughout 2012 where I present a suggestion for a service opportunity. Of course, you can do more service than one per week, if you want. Some will be harder than others and some will require more time than others. I would love to know about all of the service you do!

The service suggestion for this week is to take a thank you note and or goodies to your librarians. They help and serve so much and I'm sure they are rarely thanked. And to be totally honest, ours are a little cranky, so a little sugar can't hurt. If you don't regularly visit the library choose another place you regularly go such as the post office or the grocery store.

I am also going to spend a lot of time praying for service opportunities. I want to be more aware of those around me and their needs. You are welcome to join me in this as well.
Just for fun I'll leave you with a baby bump picture from two weeks ago. I promise I'll get better at posting these.


Danielle said...

What a cute pregnant belly!

Spencer and Anna said...

This is such a great idea, Cami. And you look so cute pregnant. I love it. :)


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