Monday, January 30, 2012


trohv \’trōv\ n [alter. of trove (discovery, find)] (2010) :
a collection of artful objects discovered or found.

Last week I explored the most amazing store. It is called Trohv and located in the Takoma Park neighborhood of DC.  This store is the perfect mix of new, second hand and handmade. Honestly I feel like it is as close to 'me' as any store I've been to. I feel like I could buy just about anything there and it would work perfectly in my home. 
 I love the whole stump as table trend. I need to actively start looking for stumps. That dresser is adorable and would look great in Calder's room.

 This is a great example of the mixed samplings. There are some very vintage items, some new items and some handmade items all nestled together in perfect harmony. They have all sorts of housewares, handmade t-shirts, baby gifts, books, stationery and unique things you won't find anywhere else.
 I felt like the prices were very fair. Sometimes I feel like stores like this mark everything up but this was just right. It's the perfect place to find just the right accessory or gift.
 This is the cutest little clutch. It is handmade and perfect.
And of course some vintage quilts. 

If you live in DC or come to visit, you should check out this store. In fact the Tacoma Park neighborhood recently went through a revival and is a thriving community. My favorite vintage dress shop is here too. I'll have to tell you about that later.

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