Monday, March 19, 2012

Dresses Dresses Dresses

 This week I want to show you some of the dresses I've been working on for the baby girl I'm expecting in June. This one is by far my favorite. I love this fabric so much. I saved the remnants from my Tea Cup Corset Apron. The fabric is Michael Miller's Ellie Amber fabric. I have used every scrap of that fabric because I love it so much.
 This dress has lots of fun details. The bow on the hem and the buttons on the yolk are my two favorites. I do also love the big button closure on the back and the elastic waist.
 This one is a size 1, which is is awesome because then I can stare at it in her closet for a long time!


Robyn said...

So cute!!! I love the dress and the fabric...really love the bow on the hem!:) You are so talented!
Love, Robyn

Spencer and Anna said...

Very cute. :)


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