Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lamp Shade Update

The weather here has started to be outside friendly and I couldn't resist hustling out to spray paint the lamps! They need one more coat of paint-- my primer had gummed up, so covering the black required a few more coats than I anticipated. But this gives a general idea of what the end result will be:

The wall is still not grey, but it will be by the end of this summer! :)

I really love taking something familiar (I've had these for 15 years), and giving it a new look. Sometimes I wish someone would take ME and give me a new look...any takers? ;)

Happy projecting!


happyfamily said...

You have a grand piano? Interesting!

aje and h said...

And she definitely has a story! This antique was a gift from a friend moving out of state, who has recovered it from We carted her across the country a year and a half ago. She is a Hardman (New York) circa 1905--needs a little sound board work, and a good tuning, but she's old and quirky and beautiful. What's not to love, right? :) And then the added sentimentality that she was created about the same time my maternal grandmother emigrated from Russia to New York, beginning a life for herself and her posterity in a country where we could be free. So she stands, reminding me of all that has been paid for me to have what I have. And occasionally, my littler girls give me leave to play her ;)


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